GITA 1: My Projects

This is my webpage for Computer Science 1/GITA 1.
I'm learning C# - C"Sharp" this year. It is a coding language
to develop Window's Apps. I am currently learning how to use variables
and random numbers on our projects. My ambitions are to develop a greater
understandinng of computer science so when I fully understand the concept, I can
become a computer engineer. To make coding programs, using C#, you can download Visual Studios.

Date: 9.12.17
Project Description: The first program that we did was the Good Bye Program. If you press one of the buttons, then it will say "Good Bye" in that language.

Date: 9.20.17
Project Description: This program is about my business, Iman's Institusion of Ideology. It displays my logo,trademark, and background information.

Date: 9.25.17
Project Description: This programs creates a mailing label for you if you input your address .

Date: 9.29.17
Project Description: This program calculates Miles Driven and the Total Charge for the customer after the car information is entered. Along with that there is also a summary for the manager.

Date: 10.9.17
Project Description: This program calculates a person's Body Mass Index (BMI) using your height and weight.

Date: 9.29.17
Project Description: This program is a continuation of the original Car Rental with additional features and services to it.

Date: 10.17.17
Project Description: In this program you can enter two test scores and it will output the higher grade, the average score, and the letter grade for both.

Date: 10.24.17
Project Description: This program generates random numbers, gives you the sum, and tells the probability of that sum being rolled again.

Date: 10.28.17
Project Description: This is a game in which you roll the dice, and your first roll is your point, unless the number that you roll is 2, 3, or 12, you lose and if you roll a 7 or 11 then you win! Once you roll your "point" again then you win, but if you roll a 7 before that, then you lose.

Date: 11.15.17
Project Description: Play this slot machine if you would like to win $1000 or more!

Date: 12.19.17
Project Description: This is a program in which you can enter the size of the shirt you want, any extra feature, the quanitity and it will output the price, extended price, and order total. You may add to the order, clear it, or complete it and also view the summary.

Date: 12.21.17
Project Description: This program will move the fish mutlitple times or only once, depending on which button you click. It also keeps track of total moves, how many times the fish hit the right side of the tanks, and how many times it hit the left side of the tank.

Date: 1.21.18
Project Description: This program will let you in on the years of the Rose Bowl and shows history of the two teams along with their previous scores.

Date: 1.24.18
Project Description: There are some more additions made to the first fish program.There's a shark in here and you get to control the speed !

Date: 2.6.18
Project Description: This is Tic Tac Toe game that is really fun to play and instead of using X and O, I used X and Y just to add more creativitiy to it.

Date: 2.15.18
Project Description: One character (the ball) is on a timer shooting with key presses towards the invader (basketball hoop). The invader has a timer and is chasing the ball.

Date: 2.28.18
Project Description: In this program the stars move diagonally and when the stars move off the screen they are designed to come back and be placed in a random position.

Date: 2.26.18
Project Description: The upgraded AI game has the ball shooting all four directions. When the basketball hoop gets to close to the ball ten the life bar of the ball shrinks down.Also, when you shoot towards the basketball hoop it is backed away in the direction you aimed for and the bullet comes right back to you.

Date: 6.8.18
Project Description: This is my very own game called " The Matching Game !". The first level allows you to match cards that are the same and when you get all of the cards right, then you can play Level 2. Level 2 has arrays, all the cards will be moving around. Each time you get a pair of cards right then stars will be placed on those images and a victory sound will be enabled! Good Luck!